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Nunavut Square Sculpture Garden Residential

Sculpture Garden - Iqaluit, Nunavut 2008

The garden presents the sculptures created from the "Our Life in Stone" Sculpting Symposiums in Iqaluit, July-September 1999 and August-September 2000. This project involved 46 sculptors from Nunavut and across Canada -- from Yukon and British Columbia to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Each artist was inspired to fashion large public granite stone monuments in tribute to Nunavut, the new millennium, and the human spirit.

The Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association (NACA) created these symposiums to bring Inuit artists in contact with Southern Canadian artists to share their experiences, to learn about new techniques, materials and maintenance, to discover new tools, to mentor young artists and to leave a legacy, a story, in stone. The result was 26 stunningly detailed, majestic sculptures, some as high as eight feet, and all imbued with personal significance. While several of these monuments were incorporated into the Pedestrian Walkway stone scape installations, the majority are presented for viewing in this garden located next to the Arctic College, Nunatta Campus, Arts and Crafts building.

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