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Nunavut Square Sculpture Garden Residential

Nunavut Square - Iqaluit, Nunavut, 2008

Nunavut Square was designed to provide a pedestrian-friendly sanctuary at the City's core. It is located adjacent to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly building, a few hundred feet from “the four corners,” the most congested intersection in Iqaluit, and enveloped by two parking lots.

A 10 foot-high berm made of natural stone boulders layered with tundra and Arctic shrubs and plants and a stone carving encircle a three-tier stone amphitheatre with a small stage. Like Iqaluit Square and the Pedestrian Walkway installations, dry stone walls and stonescaping features collectively make up the stage and seating areas of the amphitheatre.

The Square is used for both community and Nunavut-wide celebrations, most recently, the Olympic Torch relay celebration in November 2009.

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